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Find out what potential or even risk your current customer portfolio harbours! Use our BI solutions to assess the current situation and define your action plan!

Choose from our OPTEN BI services:

Customer Portfolio Analysis

Customer portfolio - risks and opportunities

Accurate analysis of the sector distribution, composition and size of your existing partners.


Missing company information

Up-to-date, well-structured database in a few minutes.


New customers similar to existing partners

Identify potential partners in Hungary and abroad, based on a sample of your best customers and well-defined parameters.

Individual analysis and consultation

Not sure which analysis you need? Or maybe you need even more than one?

During an individual consultation, our experts are going to identify your most important business challenges and pinpoint the obstacles that hinder or help you to achieve your goals. Based on your consultation, we are going to prepare a customised, complex analysis.

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How does it work?

The process is really simple, requiring no special preparation or analytical background.

Selecting a service
Uploading the tax number of partner companies
OPTEN BI identifies and analyses the data
Payment and download of the completed analysis



  • You have a large number of customers or suppliers and want to gain insight into the composition of your customer base and the market share of your business
  • You have customer and partner data stored in multiple systems or even in Excel spreadsheets, so your data is not up-to-date, making it difficult to prepare comprehensive analyses and reports
  • You offer industry-specific services and solutions to your partners, it would be good to see what risks or growth opportunities your target markets present
  • Your business has a high sales potential and you would like to find new customers in Hungary or even in neighbouring countries as soon as possible.


Every company has the potential of using data, but few are taking advantage of the knowledge that business intelligence offers.
Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors and use OPTEN BI solutions for your business decisions.

Comprehensive analysis for strategic decisions

With the help of our experts and business intelligence, you can gain insight into the risks and growth opportunities in your customer portfolio in a matter of seconds, and set a new direction for your business plans.

Fill in missing company data quickly and easily

It is no use having data if it is not available in the right quantity, or in the right format, or if it is incomplete for the right interpretation. Our company information database is going to help you to supplement your existing records in an up-to-date, well-structured format.

Annual reports based on reliable data

A detailed, multi-faceted customer portfolio analysis is an essential element of an accurate presentation of your business in your annual accounts. But it can also help you to implement your acquisition plans.

A new potential partner list is available with just a few clicks

Using business intelligence, based on your existing partners, we can help you identify the potential B2B customers and suppliers who are most similar to your current ideal customers. This is not only going to save you time, but it's also going to give your business a new impetus.

Frequently asked questions

We are going to answer some of your questions.

The .xlsx file you upload must include the tax number and/or the company registration number. A total of 3 columns can be uploaded, the order of the columns is always the same, the 1st column is the tax number, the 2nd column is the company registration number and the 3rd column is the company name. It is not mandatory to upload both the tax number and the company registration number, but one of them is required for the identification. Entering the company name is optional.

The uploaded data shall be kept confidential, shall not be disclosed to any third party, shall not be stored after completion, and shall be used only for the provision of the selected service. Further information on data processing is available here.

It takes only a few minutes, following 3 simple steps (upload, identification, selection) to purchase the service of your choice. Once you have identified the uploaded list, you can select the most suitable package for your needs concerning the given service. After entering your details, click on the Purchase button to order the product either by instant payment (SimplePay, PayPal) or by bank transfer (this is not yet available, but it might be soon...). The link to download the product you ordered is going to be sent to the e-mail address you provided when placing the order, once the product is available.

Each service is priced individually, depending on the number of partners uploaded and identified and, for some services, the amount of data retrieved. The exact price in HUF is displayed to the customer before the order is placed.

Through OPTEN's webshop, you can pay securely, easily and quickly for the ordered service via SimplePay, PayPal or bank transfer.

Choose from 15 filter criteria!

Buy a personalised company list, which you can tailor to your needs using 15 filter criteria.

For customised company lists abroad, visit our website at Opten.eu!

Unique international company lists from our database of over 3 million companies.

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